Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have started this venture with the goal in mind of buying an ABA franchise and have been in discussions with the league regarding this. Then I discovered there was another minor pro league out there, the International Basketball League. I have been in contact with the commissioner of this league as well and there ar epros and cons to both leagues.

The ABA and the IBL both have teams that are in some difficulty with the ABA having some teams that did not finish the most recent season. The IBL had every team finish its season last year but they admit that many teams limped home. The IBL sends out a set of documents to anyone intereste din owning a team that is just tremendous. It is basically a step by step template for starting and running a franchise. Everything from hiring staff, budgeting, game day operations and so on. It is tremendous and the league should be very proud of it.

It seems to me the ABA teams play in slightly bigger venues and draw larger crowds. I saw some boxscores from one IBL team with attendance in the range of 325 but one of the new franchise averaged 2400. The ABA plays a schedule of 36 games while the IBL only plays a 20 game season. The ABA has a salary cap of $150,000 for players while the ABA rcommends paying players around $100/game. I think the ABA would attract better players since there is more money involved. However, the IBL has a unique "one flight" plan that means that teams can play other teams from all over the country but make only one flight per year meaning costs stay low.

Both leagues seem to have their good and bad points and I have to decide which way to go. I am still leaning towards ABA but the IBL is now a very viable option.


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Do you have any updates? I'm really interested.


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