Sunday, July 30, 2006

Choosing a market

The first thing to think about in this venture of owning an ABA franchise is to decide on a market to play in. When you apply for an ABA franchise (what they call reserving a market) you must have a city and venue in mind. If you look at the franchises in the ABA a great many of them play in college gyms so this is something to look for in a market. Does it have a college basketball facility that can hold 5000 spectators or more. Another consideration is how many basketball players come from the area? As most ABA players play near their hometown or where they played college ball this is a must.

I will continue to do my research as far as markets go but I would be interested in hearing from you readers. Where do you think a good market might be for this possible new franchise? Visit the ABA website and check out their current franchises and see where the next great franchise might be placed.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm going to assume that you are open to owning a team away from where you live. In addition to there being a facility to play in, I think you need to be in close proximity to other teams. I would look at some locations in Florida as there are going to be teams in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta. Florida cities that have some size and a decent sized college gym would be Ft. Myers (Florida Gulf Coast University has a fairly new gym)although the NBA D-League just left this town.
Another area to look is in the midwest with teams in Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, Hammond, Quad Cities, Toledo, Benton Harbor (MI), St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Cities like Ft. Wayne, IN, Grand Rapids, MI, Green Bay, WI may work.778359


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